3 Steps To Creating an Awesome Pin-It-To-Win-It Contest on Pinterest

3 steps to creating an awesome Pin it to win it contest.jpg

Pinterest has become the go to social media platform for many businesses, specially product based businesses and creative businesses. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousands words”… and sharing an image with your potential customers, prospects and followers does so much more than a few limited words.

One way to drum up interest in your products and services, kick off the launch of a new product,  or get some sales and have some fun, is to hold a Pinterest contest.

Start your “Pin it to win it” contest by determining your goal for this campaign just like you would with any marketing campaign. Having a specific and tangible goal ensure that you and your team stay on track and know what the results you are looking to achieve are.

Here are 3 simple steps to create the best “Pin it to win it” contest:
Step 1.

Create 8 to 15 images  showcasing your offers; to make a great pinable image you should use colors that pop, your logo and a call to action for example the words “click here”, “giveaway”, “pin to win”. Your images should contain the url to your website that would link to your website.

You can use a tool like pixlr.com or picmonkey.com to create awesome images quickly.

You should also make an image that lists all the contest rules and what they win. Having the rules and regulations on an image on your contest board ensure that everyone sees them when they get on Pinterest and know exactly how to enter to win the prizes.

Step 2.

Create a new board on Pinterest for your contest and pin all of your newly created images on there. Make sure that you remember to add the url to your website, a description and the call to action for each image on your contest board when you pin your images to your pinterest contest board.

Make your contest easy to enter. You always want to have entries optin to your mailing list to make sure that you can contact the winners, but keep it to only to 3 or 4 things that they have to do to be able to win. For example, you can ask them to share as many images as they can from your contest board and pin them to their own boards. Check out the Pinterest terms page to make sure that you follow their rules too.

Step 3.

Promote, promote, promote. Send an email out to your email list or client list and link it to your contest page, tell your Facebook and Twitter fans too!  Ask your affiliates to spread the word, this is the fun part ;-)

Track your results, if you are familiar with google analytics you can create custom reports that only shows what you want to know about the traffic coming from Pinterest to your website and even how visitors came to each pin. Pinterest also has a great statistic feature that is pretty easy to use.

Then you pick your winner, or winners and contact them via email.

Have you  used Pinterest for your business or created a “pin it to win it” contest; if not use my tips to create your very first contest and share with us in the comments below.

PatRomainPat Romain owns a technical support and Virtual Assistant  company,Vizionva Business Services where she helps entrepreneurs achieve more with their time by delegating their projects to her and her team. She also helps her clients by implementing the day-to-day tasks in their businesses. Pat is a shopping cart expert and loves everything marketing. Pat lives in Montreal and is the creator of http://www.diytechyguide.com . She loves twitter (@patouchkaromain) is a yoga fanatic.

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